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Jacob Kreider, Jr., was likely the oldest son and child of Jacob the Gelder, at the east end of the settlement. He is named first in his father's will, he had died and guardians were appointed for the children. Jacob was born Dec. 10, 1778, and died April 30, 1812. His wife, Catharine Smith, daughter of David, m. an Orth, was born in 1782, and died, the obscure lettering seems to be, May 7, 1833. She likely was Reformed, for they were buried in the Tabor Reformed cemetery of Lebanon, likely became Reformed through the Orths, the Smiths being Mennonites. His will and his real estate transactions, if he had any, are likely recorded at Harrisburg, inasmuch as Lebanon did not become a county till the year after his death. From the date of his birth, 1778, he apparently being the oldest child, we may make a guess at the date of his father's birth; we should say between 1750 and 1755, while the father's father Christian, was doubtless born between 1725 and 1730. We know nothing of the occupation or residence of Jacob, Jr. His burial at Tabor Reformed suggests that his residence may have been in the town of Lebanon, for his single daughter Rosanna who moved to Center county sold in 1850 property in Lebanon borough. The bodies of Jacob, Jr., and his wife, along with others, were a few years ago removed to the Mt. Lebanon cemetery. The guardians of Jacob's children were Peter Smith, Joseph Bomberger and John Smith. The children were:


Philip Kreider, son of Jacob, Jr., likely joined the migration from Lebanon county to Center county along about the third decade of the 19th century. If he was the oldest of the family which is likely, he must have been born very soon after 1800. The impression is that he got his wife in Center county, but he had a daughter, Elizabeth, that was buried in Tabor Reformed cemetery, whose body has also been removed to Mt. Lebanon cemetery. Burial here suggests residence here at time of death. The body may have been brought from Center, but this would hardly have been the case if the mother were from Center county. Philip is said to have been a farmer, likely near Coburn, Center county. It would seem that he was well-to-do. He had the following children: