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Jacob Kreider, the son of Christian of the east end of the "Settlement" commonly called yet to this day "Jacob the Gelder," received from his father the western part of his lands, 108 acres, for it bordered on Christian's land to the west. In other words, Jacob's farm was the eastern farm of Henry Bomberger. Jacob acquired another farm in East Hanover township, Dauphin county. He is said to have become "quite wealthy."

Jacob made his will Jan. 6, 1819, and it was probated Feb. 16, 1819, so we know very nearly the date of his death. The executors of his will were John Yordi, likely the Mennonite preacher, and Christian Bomberger, doubtless the Christian Bomberger, Sr., of the present Adam Hauch farm, and brother to Jacob's son-in-law, Abraham Bomberger. His children, as named in his will were:


Catharine Kreider, afore, after her sister Elizabeth's death married the widower, Christian Reist, afore, being the second of his three wives. It is in place to add that beside the properties owned near Buffalo Springs, Christian Reist bought 300 acres of land near Linglestown, Dauphin county, intending to place two of his sons on farms from this tract. Christian himself moved to this place where he died in 1852, and is buried at Linglestown. Catharine, his second wife, and the following children:

JOHN KREIDER, afore, has not been positively identified. Hon. A. S. Kreider in his outline simply has his name, without any remarks whatever. The father, Jacob, mentions his son John in his will. We find that Gottlieb Kreider, son of "Big Tobias" Kreider on Feb. 20, 1833, conveyed two lots in the borough of Lebanon to John Kreider, gentleman. This John would seem to be about the age of John under consideration.

Again we find that John Kreider of Lebanon township made his will May 10, 1836, and that it was probated September 15, 1836. William Smith and his son Michael are appointed executors. This would seem of a certainty to be the John in question; for he says that his son Michael is to receive his own share in his father's estate in Hanover township, which estate has not yet been settled. We have seen that "Jacob the Gelder," father to this John, had acquired a farm in East Hanover township, so we regard the identification here as practically complete.

It seems that the family has lost sight of John, who must have died between May 10, 1836, and Sept. 15 of the same year. His brother Jacob had married a Catharine Smith. The fact that John makes William Smith one of his executors, may be sufficient to suggest that John had also married a Smith.

John left all his personal property and his share of his father's estate in Hanover township to his son, Michael, no other son being mentioned, would seem to indicate that Michael was his only son. What became of Michael we know not.

He had a daughter, Rosanna, whom he designates "my youngest daughter," who is to stay with her brother Michael as long as is mutually agreeable. John S. Bomberger informs us that John's brother, Jacob, Jr., married Catharine Smith and had children. Philip and 2 single daughters, Rosanna and Anna, a deaf mute, who he says went to Center county. Perhaps John S. Bomberger was a little confused in names, perhaps this son and two daughters were children of John instead of his brother Jacob. John we know from his will had a daughter Rosanna, and perhaps Phillip should be Michael. If our supposition is correct, then the children of John went to Center county. If we want to hold John Kreider to strict grammar, if he had but two daughters, he should have said of Rosanna, "my younger daughter"; but almost anything passed muster in the good old days. Today we strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. But let us use good grammar, it is better than slang. On April 9, 1850, Rosanna Kreider, "single woman of Millheim in the county of Center," sold to Abner [?] Hartman, of Lebanon borough [???] property in Lebanon borough. Th[??] is no doubt the daughter of John, for John had owned lots in the borough of Lebanon. We are informed that Rose (doubtless Rosanna) Kreider of Center county, left a snug sum of money to her kin.