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but the one now in question is the Tobias of Fairland, born Nov. 25, 1788, and died Mar. 22, 1866, son of Michael of Fairland, son of John the settler on Snitz Creek, for his wife Maria, lying beside him in the cemetery north of Cleona, was born July 16, 1803, and died March 28, 1858. Catharine is likely buried there also, likely one of the stones there whose inscription was illegible to us, marking her resting place. Whether Maria had any children by Dohner we have not learned, likely not, as no mention is made of any in release to the home property. The family of Tobias we shall take up under his branch of Kreiders.

BARBARA married Michael Reider, who by April 13, 1825, had moved to Center county, Pa., their home being at Gatesburg, a short distance north of the Huntingdon county line. Reider signed Oct. 29, 1830, the release to the home farm in behalf of his wife, Barbara, as did Tobias Kreider in behalf of his wife Catharine, deceased, and his living wife, Maria.


Jacob Kreider, son of John, succeeded his father as owner of the homestead. He was married to Elizabeth Shaeffer, daughter of John Shaeffer, the Mennonite preacher north of Halfway. See our History of the Shaeffer Family. Elizabeth was born May 26, 1805; and died March 7, 1874. Both she and her husband were Mennonites. Jacob was elected county commissioner in 1849, likely succeeding his brother-in-law, Jacob Shaeffer, who had been elected to the same office in 1846. Jacob Kreider is likely the only Mennonite to fill this office in our county. Jacob stood very high in the community. He was noted for his hospitality. He raised many watermelons on his farm, and on Sundays asked many along home to partake. If any one asked for a melon to carry home, it was always given, but he did not like any to take without asking. His watermelon treats seem to have made a lasting impression. He and his wife are buried in the old cemetery on the farm. They had the following children:


We have seen that Joseph Kreider (1773-1820) moved from the old homestead on Snitz Creek to Warrior's Mark, in Huntingdon county. Warrior's Mark is in the

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