Church of the Brethren in Christ (River Brethren)

The local Church of the Brethren in Christ worship in the Brick Church on west Main Street which they purchased from the trustees of the Church of God in 1906. Prior to this date the members of the denomination residing in the vininity of Annville, Campbelltown and Palmyra worshipped in the United Brethren church on Gravel Hill, at stated times. Some of the ministers who served this body at this time were: Bishops Samuel Books, Daniel Brubaker, Jacob L. Brubaker, Jacob Kreider, John F. Kreider, Samuel E. Brehm, John M. Kuhns and others.

The overseer of the local church is the Rev. Henry K. Kreider of Campbelltown, Bishop of this district, assisted by Elder Harrison Hostetter also of Campbelltown. The resident pastor is the Rev. Harvey Ebersole of Palmyra. A Sunday School and Christian Workers Organization were organized shortly after the denomination was established here. The Sunday School has as average attendance of 95, while the church membership is approximately 75. The Sunday School superintendent Mr. Alvin K. Light is ably assisted by Mr. Ammon Funk the Assistant Superintendent. Both are residents of Palmyra.

The Brethren in Christ denomination was founded in 1785 near Maytown, Pa. Beginning with the year 1850 the membership residing in Dauphin and Lebanon couties were under the oversight of Bishop Daniel Engle, until his death in 1884. Bishop Jacob K. Kreider served as overseer from 1884 to 1912, and he was succeeded by the present overseer, Bishop Henry K. Kreider of Campbelltown, Pa.

The Church of the Brethren in Christ upholds the doctrine of repentance for sin. Conversion from sin. The reception of the divine nature which brings in a life of faith in the atoning grace, and separates the individual from the desire to participate in worldly or sensual amusements and desires, and keeps him reconciled to the will of God.