Jakob and Hans Greiter are presumed to have been brothers. Their families are listed on the German document described below. Members of these two families appear together on later records in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.The document below is the earliest known record of the Kreider/Greiders who settled in what later became Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Letter To The Barons Von Gemmingen

"Nine families are listed in a letter to the court of the Barons von Gemmingen at Ittlingen. The letter, dated May 14, 1715, is now preserved in the Generallandesarchiv at Karlsruhe. These Mennonites were protesting a fine of six guldens imposed in exchange for permission to follow their Anabaptist faith. They said that in other knights' lands people had to pay only three guldens, and for this reason they hoped not to have asked in vain.

Many of these names appear a few years later in Lancaster County. ... They are listed below with the ages of family members as of May 14, 1715, along with the approximate years of birth."

Jakob Greiter
m. Barbara Schenk

Hans Greiter
m. Anna

From a January 1984 article published in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage titled European Roots Of The Bear Families Of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: An Update. By Jane E. Best