Hollenbeck Research

This page documents what I have learned about the Hollenbecks living in Connecticut, New York, and Vermont in the 1700s and the 1800s. I set out to trace backwards from Abraham Hollenbeck, father of Albert Hollenbeck. Albert was born in Madison County, New York and eventually moved to Cass County, Michigan. This article about Albert's brother Benjamin W. Hollenbeck gives information about the family.

What I have found so far. ...

According to census records the only family in Connecticut during the 1790 census named Hollenbeck (or any of its variant spellings) was Abram Holmbeck who lived in Litchfield County. According to the census his household included 2 males over 16; 4 males under 16; 4 females; and 3 slaves. Note: Apparently the John Hollenbeck who had a son named Abraham born in 1770 and two daughters has moved away - to Jericho, VT?

I found an article in Vermont History; volume 33; no. 4; October 1965. The article is titled Hand's Cove: Rendezvous of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga. It mentions that in 1790 an Abraham Hollenbeck from Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut deeded specific land in or near Shoreham, Vermont to his children. (Shoreham Land Records, v. 144.)

A family tree on Ancestry.com (without sources) lists the parents of Abraham Hollenbeck (b. Canaan, CT, 1777. d. Michigan, Dec. 25, 1838) as Samuel Hollenbeck (1749-1815) and Susannah Woodruff (1757-1827).
A different family tree (also without sources) on geni.com gives Susannah Woodruff's birth date as March 2, 1757; birthplace as Farmington (Hartford) Connecticut. Daughter of Matthew and Ann Woodruff. Mother of John Hollenbeck. Sister of Gad and Olive Woodruff.

The 1800 census for Canaan, CT lists three Hollenbecks: Abraham, Matthew, and Samuel. Abraham has a total of 3 people living in his home: 1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10; 1 female 16-26. Samuel has a total of 8: 1 male 10-16; 1 male 16-26; 2 males over 45 (maybe including his father Abraham from the 1790 census?); 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 16-26; 1 female 26-45. Matthew has a total of 3: 1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10; 1 female 16-26.
Note: My guess is that Abraham and Matthew are Samuel's oldest sons and they have started their own families. The rest of Samuel's family that he eventually takes to Ohio is living with him. Also, the John Hollenbeck mentioned in the Canaan vital records as having three children in the 1770s is not mentioned. Is this the John who moved to Jericho, Vermont after fighting in the Revolution?

None of these three (Abraham, Matthew, and Samuel) appear as living in Connecticut during the 1810 census. No other Hollenbecks appear anywhere else in Connecticut during the 1810 census.

Only one Samuel Hollenbeck (in Canaan, CT) appears in the 1800 Federal Census. The 1810 census shows three Samuel Hollenbecks living in the United States. All are living in New York, in the towns of Claverack (Columbia), Catskill (Greene), and Hector (Seneca).

There is only one Matthew Hollenbeck that appears in the 1800 Federal Census (in Canaan, CT). The only Matthew Hollenbeck listed in the 1810 census is living in Erie, PA. There is also a Mathias Hollenbeck living in Hudson (Columbia), NY.

These two marriages were listed under Canaan and North Canaan in the book Early Connecticut Marriages by Frederick Bailey 1773 to 1797:
Samuel Holembuk & Supenra [Susanna] Woodruff, Nov. 29, 1773. View record
Josiah Kingsbury & Elizabeth Hollenbok, March 4, 1791. View record Note: A Joseph Kingsbury moved to Hudson, Ohio in 1810 with Samuel Hollenbeck and his children. This indicates that this Elizabeth is almost certainly Samuel's daughter and not John's daughter.

The Barbour Collection for Canaan lists Abraham Hollenbeck being born to John and Esther Hollenbeck on September 15, 1770. Two daughters were also born to John and Esther Hollenbeck - Elizabeth b. June 21, 1773 and Rachel b. August 5, 1775. View record

John and Abraham Hollenbeck appear in the Chittenden County, Vermont census for 1800. They are listed under the town of Richmond. View record

Mention of John Hollenbeck's daughter Elzabeth (Betsy) in her husband's (Eleaser Hutchins) family history. View record

In a book called A History of the Valley and County of Chemung (NY) by Ausburn Towner, there was information about Matthias Hollenbeck. Matthias was a colonel and judge who was born near Martinsburg, VA in 1752.

A book called 1784 History of Chenango and Madison Counties New York by James H. Smith (1880), lists Eliza Hollenbeck as a resident of Greene, NY.
"...farmer. res lot 76, 247 acres, b Columbia Co., s 1840; parents, William and Hannah Hollenbeck; husband, Seth Hollenbeck, b Broome Co., 1816, s 1840, died 1860; parents, Derrick and Jane Hollenbeck."

According to the 1820 Federal census there are 9 Abraham Hollenbecks living in the United States. Eight are in New York (only one in Madison County), one is in Vermont.

List of early settlers in Hudson, Ohio.

The 1820 Ohio census lists Gad Hollenbeck and John Hollenbeck as the only Hollenbecks living in Hudson Township, Portage County, Ohio.

John Hollenbeck is listed as an ensign in Captain Stoddard's Company of Colonel Burrell's Battalion. From the Connecticut Historical Society Collections. View record

John Holenbeck from Fairfield is listed as 1st Lieutenant during the Revolutionary War. From one of the Connecticut collections on Ancestry.com. View record

Matthew Hollenbeck is listed as an ensign in Captain Ransom's Company. From one of the Connecticut collections on Ancestry.com. View record

Lieutenant John Hollenbeck is on a list Revolutionary War pensioners. From one of the Connecticut collections on Ancestry.com. View record

Photograph of notice that the State of Connecticut owes Lieutenant John Hollenbeck for his service in the Connecticut Line of the Continental Army. View record

"This Assembly do establish Mathew Hollenbough to be Ensign of the sixth company or trainband in the 24th regiment in this colony." - Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut From May 1775 to June 1776, Inclusive...

"This Assembly do appoint Noah Judson, John Holenbeck, Reuben Calking, Ebenezer Hill, John Jenkins jun., Josiah Stoddard, Jesse Grant, Samuel Stone Butler and Samuel Pettibone, to be Second Lieutenants in the eight battalions now ordered to be raised in this state." - Public Records of the State of Connecticut From May 1780 to October 1781, Inclusive...

A list of all the Hollenbecks listed on New York tax lists from 1799 through 1804. The lists include the entire state.

A biography of Abram Hollenbeck resident of Columbia County, New York. View record