My ethnicity estimate as determined by DNA test.

Ethnicity Estimate Ethnicity Estimate

I received the results of my DNA test in January 2016. It was no surprise that my ancestry is 98% European. However, I was surprised to see so much Scandinavian and so little Western European. It will be interesting to see what explanation(s) emerge.

Some Explanations

  • "The genetic history of the British Isles is intertwined with that of mainland Europe and Scandinavia. For modern-day geneticists, teasing apart the legacies of migrations and invasions is a tricky task, as different peoples tended to intermarry. While relatively few Romans settled on the islands, many other peoples came and stayed, eventually merging with the original occupants." - By Dr Giles Newton, Science Editor, the Wellcome Trust This article first appeared in Wellcome News 40, November 2004.
  • "(I)n genetic ethnicity estimation, we are attempting to estimate the unknown amount of DNA actually inherited from all of a sample's ancestors. Genetic estimates of ethnicity also go back thousands of years, beyond the end of a pedigree paper trail. Regions identified as 'populations' in a pedigree may have been very different thousands of years ago, and so may be represented differently in a genetic ethnicity estimate." - AncestryDNA, Ethnicity Estimate White Paper, 4 Sep 2013
  • "Britain and Western Europe are geographically close, and a significant amount of historical migration (and hence, interbreeding) has occurred between these regions. Frequent interbreeding has led to very little genetic differentiation between these two regions, and thus our current approach has less power to identify the true ancestral source for individuals with ancestors from these locations." - AncestryDNA, Ethnicity Estimate White Paper, 4 Sep 2013

I sent my Ancestry DNA results to GEDmatch. Some interpretations of the results below.

GEDmatch - Eurogenes K13 model

Ethnicity Estimate
Eurogenes K13 model

GEDmatch - Dodecad V3

Ethnicity Estimate
Dodecad V3