Kreider Lebanon County Land Patents and Survey Maps

These are the patents and warrant survey maps obtained by various members of the Kreider family living in Lebanon Township, Lancaster County. These lands were obtained from the Proprietors of Pennsylvania at the time - Richard and Thomas Penn, sons of William Penn.

John Kreider

John Cryder (Kreider) had two tracts of land surveyed, one in 1741 and one in 1742. Both of these tracts were granted to him in a patent located in Patent Book A; volume 13; page 430. Tract One is located in what is now North Cornwall Township. Tract Two is located in what is now North Lebanon Township.
Patent A-13-430

John Kreider had two tracts of land granted to him in a patent located in Patent Book AA; volume 5; page 615. Tract one was surveyed for Martin Linbauer in 1754. Tract two is a ten acre tract located between John's other land and the land his brother Jacob had surveyed.
Patent AA-5-615

Mary Kreider/Christian, Martin, Tobias, and George Kreider

Patent for land surveyed for Jacob Kreider's widow Mary. Mary turned the land over to her sons Christian, Martin, Tobias, and George Kreider. This is from Patent Book AA; volume 1; page 1.
Patent AA-1-1

Francis Kryter (Kreider)

Francis Kreider, son of Jacob and Mary Kreider, had his plot of land surveyed twice. After Francis' death, the land was sold and patented to Frederick Zimmerman in 1784.
Patent P-2-499

John Kreider

I have found no solid evidence that this is the same John Kreider mentioned above. However, it seems likely that they are the same person. John had 155 acres in what is now North Annville Township surveyed for him in 1761. He sold this land to Adam Ulrich who received the patent for it in 1762.
Patent AA-3-244