Kreider Lancaster County Land Patents and Survey Maps

These are the patents and warrant survey maps obtained by various members of the Kreider family living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These lands were obtained from the Proprietors of Pennsylvania at the time - Richard and Thomas Penn, sons of William Penn.

Jacob Kreider and his brother Michael

Warrantee map of 85 tracts that formed part of the Conestoga Settlement just south of Lancaster city. Land patented to Jacob and Michael in 1734 appear on this map.

John Kreider

John Gryder (Kreider) had a tract of land surveyed May 5, 1785. This land is located in Donegal Township, Lancaster County.
Patent P-22-65

Michael Kreider

Michael Greider (Kreider) receives a patent for 39 acres of land in Martic Township, Lancaster County.
Patent H-4-360